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Riazeda is a private limited company founded in 1979 by late Mr. Rahmatullah to handle shipping and the possibility to start container operations in Pakistan. In fact "Riazeda" were the pioneers in introducing "Containerized Shipping" in Pakistan. Late Mr. Rahmatullah toured Europe in 1980 and succeeded in inducing one of the largest lines "Merzario Meritime" to their business in Pakistan Apart from this well known shipping line he also managed to secure agency for another world famous Belgian shipping line M/S.CBM-T. Both these shipping companies under the able management of Riazeda prospered during their tenure in Pakistan. The highly qualified and experienced Management team of Riazeda, with their entrepreneur enthusian, also acquired sole Agency of another Belgian shipping company M/S "HIMALAYA EXPRESS", whose interests they looked after brilliantly for a number of years, until Himalaya Express got affiliated with Safmarine Container Line, South Africa. Safmarine also later merged with Maersk Line, and started their operations in Pakistan through Maresk Line.

Currently Riazeda (Pvt.) Limited, is successfully handling shipping agency business of two world famous shipping lines:

  • Top listed Far Eastern Line WAN HAI LINES LTD trafficking between the Far East, the Gulf, Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent.
  • BALAJI SHIPPING (UK) LTD., for their business traffic between the Gulf and Pakistan.

Riazeda is a registered Private Limited company having their main Business House situated in Karachi, with marketing points (ICDS) at 3 main cities - viz. Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan. These locations account for almost 90% of Pakistan's export / import business. Riazeda (Pvt.) Limited, are fully equipped with computerized systems and are operating on 'internet' in addition to fax and telephone facilities available for customer's and colleagues' benefits. The company's work force comprising of over 30 employees, is adequately tailored to meet the requirements of running efficiently all the aspects of 'Shipping Agents' activities including 'Customer Service'. Riazeda are well equipped with trained personnel to handle their Line's vessel operations efficiently and timely. Their financial division employs qualified persons to keep their financial matters upto date, apprising their Principals of all updated financial information and arranging remittances to the Principals on time. In short Riazeda is set up and determined to give their valued customers and Principals full satisfaction with their devoted and affable services.

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